Tradewinds Logistics Limited | Our History
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Our History

37 years

Tradewinds Group formerly, Tradewinds Express, has been operating in Kenya for over 34 years. During this time we have made tremendous contributions to the development of Kenya’s highly successful Horticulture Industry.

since 82

The company was founded in 1982 by Mr. Barry Tomlinson who has several years’ worth of experience in the airline and the air cargo industry; having worked for Lufthansa, Ethiopian Airlines and East African Airways. He was also the East Africa representative for Tradewinds Airways and has been involved from the very beginning in the development and expansion of Kenya’s fresh produce and horticultural exports.


Within this period we have cultivated and nurtured long, well fortified relationships with critical industry players with whom we have worked with to deliver cutting edge services to our clients. Tradewinds has successfully helped launch services for many existing and new carriers who have gone on to become big industry players. Among these, include; DAS Air Cargo, MartinAir, Virgin Atlantic Cargo (due diligence in Kenya), Evergreen, Polar Air Cargo

cargo partnership

Over the years, Tradewinds has amassed the resources, ability and expertise to ensure a new service is a success. Tradewinds has an excellent grasp of the Kenyan Airfreight Market and experience that stretches to all parts of the world as a result of dealing with many diverse airlines from across the world.


Currently the Tradewinds Group comprises of:

  • Tradewinds Logistics
  • Tradewinds Aviation Services
  • Tradewinds Training School

The Group employs over 800 skilled, experienced and dedicated staff