Tradewinds Logistics Limited | Perishable Movement
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Perishable Movement

In our many years in business, we have played a huge role in the growth of the Kenyan horticulture industry . Our strategic location at JKIA, the hub of Kenya’s horticulture exports, makes it easier for us to be at the forefront in providing perishable movement solutions


When shipping perishable goods, it is critical that the produce is kept within optimum conditions to ensure that the integrity of your product is maintained from pickup to delivery


Perishable movement is the heart of our logistics, we therefore subject your perishables to minimum transit stops and transit time to ensure they reach their destinations while they still offer maximum appeal and longer shelf life


All types of perishables are handled according to their unique requirements. Whether flowers or food products we remain by your side from origin to destination, attending to all your needs from one single source. We are your one-stop provider of reliable logistics services for perishable products.