Tradewinds Logistics Limited | Unaccompanied Baggage
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Unaccompanied Baggage


Planning a trip abroad can be quite taxing, especially when you’re looking to be away for a prolonged period. If you have plenty of luggage that you would like to bring along, but the extortionate airline excess baggage fees  don’t look so appealing, our  unaccompanied  luggage service may just  be the solution for you.


With the best outsourcing partners, we are able to facilitate packing, fumigation (heat treatment) for wooden items, sorting, inland transportation, storage, shipping and delivery.


We  take pride in our professional baggage shipping team, cost-effective services and swift delivery times. No destination is too far or consignment is too big or small for us, therefore you can have full confidence in the safety of your personal possessions when using Tradewinds.

Our Goal: To establish a means by which our decision making process is market and customer focused.